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Monster Squad Update

I bet you thought I had totally abandoned the series, didn’t you? I mean, I did run away and pen the Hunter trilogy and readdress Caldera and I’m almost finished penning my first attempt at a political thriller with Flags of the Forgotten. I’ve also been working on some side projects that I wish I could share, but this isn’t the format for that.

But I DID go back and look at what I had started for MS9. I really didn’t like what I read and it wasn’t following my vision for the story.

Recruitment poster

Unfortunately, where I see things going involved almost a complete re-write. But rather than getting angry, I look at what happened with MS5. I inadvertently deleted nearly 40K words (almost half the book) and couldn’t recover it. The resultant rewrite was much better and fit the narrative better. So it really wasn’t a loss. I have to force myself to look at this rewrite the same way. In the end, it will fit better and the end story will be much more complete.

So, for those few of you who are still fans of the stories, rest assured, I will be finishing off the series. I can’t tell you if it will take another four book saga to do it or if it can be done with a final novel, but it will be done.

Thanks for listening and stayed tuned for more information.


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Plea For Help!

I hate begging. I really do. I always swore I wouldn’t be that guy who blows up the feed of every group I belonged to with ‘buy my book’ ads. You know the people I’m talking about. You see their name in your notifications and you just know that if you go to whatever group it is, they’ll be pimping their work.

I don’t ever want to be that guy.

But here I am…hat in hand and kicking myself for doing this…but I need your help.

If you follow any of my stuff on social media, you know that Trident Comics has begun a Kickstarter to fund the conversion of the Monster Squad into a graphic novel. And you know that I am overly excited about this because both TWD and Preacher started life as graphic novels and it is my hope that eventually a copy of Monster Squad will end up in the right hands…however slight that chance may be. But, in order for any of that to happen, we have to get it funded first.

Please…if you can’t support the project, spread the word. Copy the link and plaster it anywhere you can think of to bring attention to it. The only way this will happen is with your help.

Thank you in advance to all of you willing to wave this banner!


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Carte Blanche

With so many of my fellow storytellers stepping into the world of film or TV, I can’t help but daydream what it would be like. If I was given carte blanche and allowed to bring my creation to the silver screen, who would I choose?

Throughout the writing process, my characters have taken on a life of their own. To say that I didn’t envision them a certain way would be a lie. Although they have developed more over time, I still picture them a certain way as I write about their adventures. Seeing them in my mind helps me to keep their characteristics separate and their personalities in order.

A lot of people don’t realize this, but most of my characters are based loosely on real people. Not the actors that I would have portray them, but people I knew in the past. And yes, a lot of their personalities was woven into the complex tapestry that is my characters. Let’s pretend for a moment that the squads would be portrayed in film…who would I choose if I could? Well, let’s see.

Colonel Matt Mitchell could only be played by:


Stephen Lang.
Yes, he’s a badass, but so is Mitchell. And it’s his gravelly voice I hear when Mitchell speaks, so the fit is nearly perfect. It’s only a bonus that he’s played military men before.

Laura Youngblood

alex rice

Alex Rice could pull this one off without a hitch. She’s Native American and fits the bill nicely. Since Lisa Vasquez isn’t an actor…Alex will be a great second choice!

Jack Thompson aka Phoenix


Jason Patric. He may not be everybody else’ first choice as lead operator, but this is who I think of when I think of Jack. I’ve been a fan of his since The Lost Boys.



Sarah Gadon is nearly spot on who I think of when I think of Nadia. Sarah has the chops to pull off the role quite easily.

Apollo Creed Williams


LL Cool J. He may not be a walking monster as Apollo is depicted, but Hollywood has a way of making people appear larger than they are and this guy is a bonafide badass.

Maria Sanchez


Could ONLY be played by Michelle Rodriquez. In fact, it was her role in SWAT that I used as inspiration for Maria. I plucked her from the movie and stuck her into the story. This role was not just created FOR her, it was created BY her.

Rufus Thorn


Adam Brody could pull off the ‘good guy’ vampire nicely. He has an innocent appearance to him and I think he could pull off a 450 year old 20-something.


kim coates viktor

Kim Coates. Need I say more? This picture LOOKS like Viktor and Coates is such a versatile actor, I think he could bring the character to life.

Okay…so this is just a handful of the characters from the MS series, but they’re the ones that I would choose if I could.

How about you? Any actors stand out in your mind? Who did you picture when you read the stories? Feel free to share. Who knows…you might win me over and make me change my mind.

Now…to convince Hollywood that this story needs to be retold…

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Gearing Up for Candy Extortion

It’s almost time for the annual Adolescent Candy Extortion Day!

Trick or Treat? To most kids those are simply the magic words to get free candy. They don’t realize what it boils down to. I will play a trick on you and possibly damage your property OR give me a treat and I’ll go away. As a grumpy old fart, I could easily choose to see this holiday as nothing more than a shakedown. And that’s my costume this year, BTW. I’m going to be that old guy who sits on his porch and yells at kids to ‘stay off my lawn’! The only difference between Halloween and any other day is, I’ll be throwing candy at them as they run off!

But…now I have grandkids who are old enough to Tick or Treat. To see their joy as they go house to house, dragging their little plastic pumpkin with them in their loose fitting costume brings a smile to my face and stirs old memories. The joys of being old and having a bad memory allows me to believe that I was a good kid and never got into trouble. It’s those inconvenient times that an old school chum reminds me of things I did that makes me question that belief. (I choose to believe that I was mostly good.)


But Halloween is the time of change. Seasons transition from hot and dry to cool and wet to bone chilling cold. The leaves, the smells, the cooking, the cooling weather…it all brings a smile to my face as we slide into what is easily my favorite season of the year. Seeing how other people celebrate it is almost as fun as candy extortion used to be. From the goofy to the macabre to the questionable, Halloween is celebrated in so many ways that one questions the origins of the day. Whether dressed as a cartoon character or elaborately made up victim to those who barely wear anything at all and still call it a costume, everybody puts their own flair into it. It is, after all, a celebration and people will find a way to put their own personal and unique stamp on it.


Personally, I prefer the scary stuff. Sure, the cute and cuddly is nice for the wee ones, and the younger generations can have the ‘sexy’ stuff, but the realistic and frightening is what it’s all about for me. Give me a haunted house that causes people to wet themselves a little and that’s a house I’d stand in line to go through. Of course, my wife will go in ahead of me to keep me safe. She’s a lot tougher than I am…and I hate wetting myself.

And let me add this, I’m joining with my fellow Addictive Reads‘ Authors for our annual Halloween Blog Hop and Giveaway. This year, we’re talking about our favorite parts of Halloween. We’re having a giveaway over at the Addictive Reads site ($50, $25, & $10 gift cards) so be sure and take part in the festivities!

Also, I’m taking part in the WINTER OF ZOMBIE 2015 EVENT on Facebook. I hope you’ll join me and a whole gob of other fantastic zombie authors. There will be fun and prizes and some of my favorite authors will be participating. Just click here to join the FREE event now so you don’t miss out!

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More Freebie Stuff

Just a quick announcement to let folks know that the first of the Monster Squad series, Return of the Phoenix, is now FREE in all electronic markets.

I made the adjustment the other day through Smashwords and waited for it to populate through to iBooks and Kobo and whatever other major channels they feed before I approached Amazon to ask that they price match it. Apparently somebody beat me to it. Someone requested it, Amazon did it and on the 19th over 500 copies were given away. I nearly fell over when I read that.

No fanfare, no announcement, no warning…no telling anybody. Somehow, word spread and electronic copies flew off the virtual shelves.


And, as always, I have a standing offer at my Facebook author page for anybody who leaves a review…good, bad or indifferent, as long as it’s honest. Contact me with an address and I’ll send them their choice of a Monster Squad bumper sticker or wrist band!

Bumper Sticker

wrist bands

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Saguaro Moon Reviews Does Phoenix!


I’m stoked.

Check out Saguaro Moon Reviews write up on Return of the Phoenix!

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Phoenix on sale this March

I just wanted to take a moment and spread the word.  Return of the Phoenix will be going on sale in March for only 99 cents.

That’s right, you read correctly.  Less than a buck gets the first in the series.  For those who follow my blog, please feel free to reblog it, tweet it, Facebook it, Tumblr it, spread the word on LinkedIn or Instagram or whatever social media you may use. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family and maybe they’ll help spread the word.


Also, I wanted to invite anybody and everybody who is within traveling distance to come out to the Underground Monster Carnival in Oklahoma City on March 7th. We plan to be there and will have a wide array of Monster Squad stuff. Coffee mugs, wrist bands, bumper stickers, posters, even silver bullet necklaces custom made by Jay Wolf of Elite Ammunition. Yes, the very same Jay Wolf from the stories.

Recruitment poster

The recruiting posters really turned out well and I wish now that I had ordered a lot more of them. I only got a small handful of each cover and after Jess saw this one…she knew they wouldn’t last long.

Of course, we’ll have books there and I’ll be available to sign anything you want signed. It sure sounds like it’s going to be a fun time, so if there is anyway you can make it to the fairgrounds in OKC on the 7th, we’d love to see ya!

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