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No Movie…Yet

Okay, so I made a book trailer a while back.  All of my writer friends had trailers made and I was feeling left out. I contacted a couple of different services that make trailers I could afford but none could capture the vision I had. 

I tried contacting a few independent film makers. Holy smokes…you’d think I was asking for a feature film!  I tried calling the local university. Maybe a film or cinema student was  up to the challenge. No takers. 

Anywho, I got to watching some of the stuff on YouTube and the thought occurred to me,  why not make my own?  True,  I used clips from existing footage but I read through the fair use rules and it sounded like I was ok to run with my idea. I grabbed a karaoke version of the perfect song and used it as the background music. 

After I shared it on Facebook I realized that I had forgotten to say anything about the book series it was supposed to be advertising.  That led to numerous congratulatory messages for the upcoming movie…’Doh!

Anyway, here’s the finished trailer.  I know its nowhere near professional but I like it.  Feel free to share it and help me spread the word. 

Thanks yall! 

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Busy Weeks Ahead

Yes, I know. I haven’t been keeping up the old blog…but it’s been a bit busy around here.

I’m sure most of you have seen that Mind Trip has recently been released. It’s a collection of short stories that I’ve collected over the years. Hopefully they’ve been well received.

However, tonight I just pressed the button (so to speak) on the audio version of Wayward Son. Max Zener did another knockout job of continuing the Monster Squad series. As soon as Audible gives it the once over and approves it, it will be available for your listening pleasure.


But wait, there’s more!

Expected around Turkey Day, you can enjoy Hunter!

Born of Viking stock, careered into the Swedish Navy, Sven Ericsson finds himself in the fabled New World. Away from the restraints of society, the young Northman is dragged into long nights of debauchery; nights that lead him into the waiting arms of a dark beauty who will change his very nature forever.
Fighting his new unnatural status, Sven steers clear of humanity, skulking along the fringe of society, and filling his inhuman need with the blood of the outcasts or the easily forgotten. A shadow among the shadows…until extraordinary events, centuries later, force him to emerge from the dark. A mishap of his own making pits Sven Ericsson into a moral quandary that will remind him what it means to be a warrior.
He is a killer.
A fighter.
A Hunter of his own kind.”


Due Thanksgiving.

Now, for those who keep asking…yes. I do plan to continue the MS series. I’ve broken ground on MS9 but didn’t really like the direction it was going. That was why I decided to ‘clean my plate’ a bit and get finished some of the projects that languished by the wayside.

I have a pseudo political thriller called Flags of the Forgotten that I want to wrap up. It stars Bobby Bridger from Whispers.  There’s also Sinful, a King-ish style story where a young man can see the sins of others and decides to take action to try and prevent some of the evil that he sees from happening. I’ve also broke ground on Caldera II. I won’t say much at this point other than it is only in the first few chapters and focuses more on the survivors. Corson II has been abandoned at this point. Maybe some time in the future I’ll return to it, but as for right now, it doesn’t look good.

Anyway, back to the grind stone. I hope that you enjoy Mind Trip and should you decide to test drive Hunter, I hope that you enjoy it as much as the betas and the editor did.

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