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Freebies and Xmas Gifts to You

Caldera has kicked off to a great start. It’s been well received so far, picking up new readers along the way and generating some great feedback from established fans. I couldn’t have asked for a better reception!

Along with the excellent feedback, Lisa Vasquez (the cover artist and my new promotional…person? Not sure what to call her besides ‘awesome’!) is running contests on my FB author page. If you haven’t already gone by and ‘liked’ my page, please do so. Allow notifications (there really aren’t that many) so that when new contests come up, you’ll be the next to know. Here’s the link:

Currently, if you read Caldera and leave a review anywhere (or everywhere) and then link it back to her post, you’ll be entered for a chance to win an autographed paperback! Add it to your current collection or give it as a Christmas gift. The contest should end with plenty of time to be received for the holidays.

Also, as an early Christmas gift to you, the reader…how would you like to get an awesome collection from some of the most talented horror authors of modern time? I’m talking about the Hallowed Horror Collection box set for absolutely FREE! You heard me right…FREE!

From December 15 through the 19th this box set if our gift to you! It’s currently on sale for just 99 cents. As if that isn’t bargain enough, how can anyone turn down FREE?

Are you excited yet? I am!  I love, love, LOVE this time of year! It’s all about giving back and between the contests and the box set give away, I’m stoked!

Now, I just need to put my head towards a Monster Squad contest… “Oh LISA!!” 😉

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Okay, so it’s not Friday yet. But the day after Turkey Day it will be…and that’s the day slated as the release date for Caldera. After everyone has gotten through the hustle and bustle of the holiday and is ready to unwind a little, Caldera will be ready to help with the escapism.


To say that I’m a wee bit excited would be an understatement. I’ve been grouped with some really awesome zombie authors in the past, but I didn’t really write ‘zombie’ fiction. Even with my debut zombie story, we’re not talking the classic Romero, walking dead type of monsters. I wanted something far more frightening. A rage virus fueled human. With any possibility of a cure, could you pull the trigger?

Friday you can join Ranger Daniel Hatcher and a rag tag group of survivors as they attempt to escape a national park filled with cannibalistic monsters on one side and a military hell bent on containing the contagion on the other…

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Do Zombies Eat Turkey?

Maybe viral zombies do.  How about we find out?

My debut into the world of zombies, Caldera, is due out right around Thanksgiving.  For those of you who are ‘friends’ of mine on Facebook, that may not be news. For those of you who don’t necessarily follow me on social media, now you know.


Why go with viral rage zombies rather than the slow moving, classical Romero zombies?  A number of reasons really. The biggest being, they seem to be the most likely to happen in real life. With all of the biological weapons being produced, the new designer ‘drugs’ hitting the streets or even Mother Nature herself culling the herd, what would prevent scores of people, maddened with fever to the point of absolute rage, from hitting the streets to enact random acts of violence? It would soon become pandemic.

One look at how easily ebola crossed the Atlantic and entered our borders and you can see that it wouldn’t take much for something that was fast acting to quickly get out of control. How easily could you pull the trigger on someone who wasn’t technically ‘dead’? If they were infected with a virus and there was any hope of a cure? Besides, slow moving zombies gives fat, out of shape people like myself HOPE that we might be able to survive by our wits. Fast moving viral zombies?  Oh heck no…I’d be the guy clutching his chest as I fell to my knees…a veritable human smorgasbord for the starving, angry masses while others escaped.

Besides, my girls absolutely LOVE zombie books, but other than John O’Brien’s NightRunners…they haven’t really experienced any other ‘viral’ zombies.  So, let’s take away the one big weakness from his nightmare inducing monsters and give the crowd another reason to remember Rule #1…Cardio!

So allow me to invite you to spend your Thanksgiving weekend curled up with a good book.  And if you can’t find a good book, read mine instead. If nothing else, it may give you ideas on what else you should toss into your bugout bag should the Z hit the fan. 😉

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NaNoWriMo 2014

For those unfamiliar with the whole ‘NaNoWriMo’, it is the National Novel Writing Month, shortened as NaNoWriMo. It is an annual internet-based creative writing project that takes place during the month of November. The main goal is to write 50,000 words of a novel during the month.

NaNoWriMo focuses on the number of words put down rather than the quality of those words. The program encourages writers to finish their first draft so that it can later be cleaned up and polished as time allows. The main goal is to encourage creativity and bring attention to the written word, encouraging reading.

So, you may ask, why am I mentioning this? For the past couple of years, I didn’t really take part in the program.  I always wrote at my own pace, when I could, as I could. I usually write at night when the house is more quiet and I won’t be disturbed for lengths at a time. My only companion is Boo who keeps me supplied with loud snorts and plenty of methane should my oxygen levels raise too high. Thank God for scented candles…

Some nights I may only be able to focus long enough to write a few hundred words, some nights I can pound out a chapter.  My all time record was a day/night binge when the kids were gone and I was trying to finish a story…I put down twelve thousand words in that sitting. Not something I’d recommend as the quality obviously suffered. My wife tells me I’m a freak. Does that mean that NaNoWriMo will be a ‘challenge’? I have no idea. I’ve never looked at a daily, weekly or monthly output.  But I do know that with seven current projects, using NaNoWriMo as an excuse to step away from distractions like Facebook? It is a perfect opportunity to actually FINISH some of those projects.

Who knows? Maybe if 2014’s NaNoWriMo is a success, I’ll try to top that output next year.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put on TSO, open MS7 and see if I can’t finish this one so I can jump right into MS8. Then there’s a serial killer story I’d like to work on, a political thriller, a sequel to Corson, a young adult series I’d like to start and a follow-up to Caldera. Plenty of projects…just not enough time.



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