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Sneak Preview

I always get excited when Jeffrey Kosh creates a new cover for me. They’ve all been perfect but some are just a little bit more… perfecter. Yes, I’m creating my own words now.

Anywho…I contact him really early this morning and say, ‘Hey I’m getting close on Caldera 5. Can you hook a brother up?’

Like ten minutes later he lays down this awesome cover and my mind is BLOWN.

I hope you like it as much as I do.


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Caldera Update

Well, for those of you who were expecting an October release of Caldera and the follow up stories that went with it…I’m obviously a bit late. We had a few editing issues and since I couldn’t hit the Turkey Day timeline either, we switched to the next holiday.

Caldera - Heath Stallcup

Please remember, if you’ve already read Caldera, the first two are split versions of the original. Hence the same cover art, but different colors.

Caldera 2

If you click on the pictures, you’ll be taken to Amazon where you’ll see that they’re now available for PRE-ORDER! Delivery date is set for December 26!

Caldera 3

Just the thing for those after holidays blues, or to relax a bit after all of the hoopla is done and you just don’t feel like picking up the house yet. Now you have an excuse to lounge about and READ! 😉

Caldera 4

To those of you who were hoping for a Halloween release, I can only apologize. Some things are simply outside of our control and this was one of them. However, just in time to ring in the New Year, you can join Hatcher, Candy and the rest of the survivors as they…well, no spoilers!

Merry Christmas y’all!

Remember, Rule #1…CARDIO!

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Do Zombies Eat Turkey?

Maybe viral zombies do.  How about we find out?

My debut into the world of zombies, Caldera, is due out right around Thanksgiving.  For those of you who are ‘friends’ of mine on Facebook, that may not be news. For those of you who don’t necessarily follow me on social media, now you know.


Why go with viral rage zombies rather than the slow moving, classical Romero zombies?  A number of reasons really. The biggest being, they seem to be the most likely to happen in real life. With all of the biological weapons being produced, the new designer ‘drugs’ hitting the streets or even Mother Nature herself culling the herd, what would prevent scores of people, maddened with fever to the point of absolute rage, from hitting the streets to enact random acts of violence? It would soon become pandemic.

One look at how easily ebola crossed the Atlantic and entered our borders and you can see that it wouldn’t take much for something that was fast acting to quickly get out of control. How easily could you pull the trigger on someone who wasn’t technically ‘dead’? If they were infected with a virus and there was any hope of a cure? Besides, slow moving zombies gives fat, out of shape people like myself HOPE that we might be able to survive by our wits. Fast moving viral zombies?  Oh heck no…I’d be the guy clutching his chest as I fell to my knees…a veritable human smorgasbord for the starving, angry masses while others escaped.

Besides, my girls absolutely LOVE zombie books, but other than John O’Brien’s NightRunners…they haven’t really experienced any other ‘viral’ zombies.  So, let’s take away the one big weakness from his nightmare inducing monsters and give the crowd another reason to remember Rule #1…Cardio!

So allow me to invite you to spend your Thanksgiving weekend curled up with a good book.  And if you can’t find a good book, read mine instead. If nothing else, it may give you ideas on what else you should toss into your bugout bag should the Z hit the fan. 😉

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