Caldera Update

10 Dec

Well, for those of you who were expecting an October release of Caldera and the follow up stories that went with it…I’m obviously a bit late. We had a few editing issues and since I couldn’t hit the Turkey Day timeline either, we switched to the next holiday.

Caldera - Heath Stallcup

Please remember, if you’ve already read Caldera, the first two are split versions of the original. Hence the same cover art, but different colors.

Caldera 2

If you click on the pictures, you’ll be taken to Amazon where you’ll see that they’re now available for PRE-ORDER! Delivery date is set for December 26!

Caldera 3

Just the thing for those after holidays blues, or to relax a bit after all of the hoopla is done and you just don’t feel like picking up the house yet. Now you have an excuse to lounge about and READ! 😉

Caldera 4

To those of you who were hoping for a Halloween release, I can only apologize. Some things are simply outside of our control and this was one of them. However, just in time to ring in the New Year, you can join Hatcher, Candy and the rest of the survivors as they…well, no spoilers!

Merry Christmas y’all!

Remember, Rule #1…CARDIO!

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