It’s Live!

For those of you who follow my blog but haven’t connected on Facebook or Mewe, this is to let you know that Monster Squad 9: Awakenings went live in the wee hours this morning.


Image linked to Amazon.

Happy reading, and yes…I AM working on 10.



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A Heartfelt Thank You and Another Sneak Peek

I hadn’t realized how many people were now following my blog but it seems that every day I get notified of another follower. That’s awesome. I just wish I had more interesting stuff to blog about. I almost feel like I’m selling you guys short.

Either way, THANK YOU!

And, as promised, anytime there is something new, cool or soon to come, I announce it here first. Like the cover for Caldera 6.

Wait…what?! Caldera 6?! But…where is 5? Yeah, I know. Sometimes I like to put the cart before the horse and since I am the world’s WORST secret keeper, I’ll never be able to have a ‘cover reveal party’ like so many others do online.


As soon as Jeffrey Kosh creates something that tickles my fancy, I tell EVERYBODY! And boy, did he do some fancy tickling this time around!

I really wish I had the patience to wait and have a big reveal party but we all know that’s not me. Hmmm. I guess it’s safe to say that if he made me a cover for #6 that there WILL be one. I better get to writing! 🙂

Check it out!

Caldera 6

Oh yeah. I’m digging it.

I sure hope the story I come up with is as good as the cover!

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Sneak Preview

I always get excited when Jeffrey Kosh creates a new cover for me. They’ve all been perfect but some are just a little bit more… perfecter. Yes, I’m creating my own words now.

Anywho…I contact him really early this morning and say, ‘Hey I’m getting close on Caldera 5. Can you hook a brother up?’

Like ten minutes later he lays down this awesome cover and my mind is BLOWN.

I hope you like it as much as I do.


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Don’t ya just hate a tease? I know I do.

But sometimes you just got to give hints…especially when the illustrious Jeffrey Kosh nails the cover AGAIN!

Yeah, nobody likes a tease.
But it’s so much fun sometimes!


Coming soon to an e-reader near you!


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Flags of the Forgotten

Just a quick update.

I’ve been inundated with emails from people asking about Caldera 5.  That’s a good thing. It means that people are enjoying my stories and they’ve become invested in the characters.

When asked, I always tried to be truthful, even when it wasn’t the answer they wanted to hear. In this case, I put off Caldera 5 for a bit to clean some other projects from my plate. Namely, Flags of the Forgotten. It was a project I started over two years ago and there are some close friends that I used as characters in that book. I think they gave up on the project since it took so long. But, alas, Flags is FINISHED.

Flags of the Forgotten

This is my first attempt at a political thriller type of story and I’m really nervous. My most trusted beta was instructed to give it a read and be hyper critical. She was. And she LOVED it. In fact, she really thinks I should keep the main character and make it a series. I revived Bobby Bridger from Whispers and thrust him into an impossible situation.  As much as I’d love to keep spinning yarns with him and these other characters, I have other projects that demand my time.

Like Caldera 5. And Monster Squad 9.

I’ve been splitting my time between these two projects and I am happy to report that I crossed the halfway point on Caldera tonight. Since I had started MS9 previously, I was actually ahead on it and I’ve hit close to the 60% mark with it. I really hope to have Caldera to the publisher some time late in April (fingers crossed). MS9 will depend on a number of factors, but hopefully I can have it out before summer.

So, there you have it. I’m asking, please,… a bit more patience. My old, arthritic fingers are doing the best they can.

In the meantime, I hope that those of you who decide to take Flags for a test drive like it. It was a labor of love and I’m really nervous about jumping into a genre that I’d never written in before. So, please, be gentle.

When there’s more to share, you’ll be the next to know!


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Monster Squad Update

I bet you thought I had totally abandoned the series, didn’t you? I mean, I did run away and pen the Hunter trilogy and readdress Caldera and I’m almost finished penning my first attempt at a political thriller with Flags of the Forgotten. I’ve also been working on some side projects that I wish I could share, but this isn’t the format for that.

But I DID go back and look at what I had started for MS9. I really didn’t like what I read and it wasn’t following my vision for the story.

Recruitment poster

Unfortunately, where I see things going involved almost a complete re-write. But rather than getting angry, I look at what happened with MS5. I inadvertently deleted nearly 40K words (almost half the book) and couldn’t recover it. The resultant rewrite was much better and fit the narrative better. So it really wasn’t a loss. I have to force myself to look at this rewrite the same way. In the end, it will fit better and the end story will be much more complete.

So, for those few of you who are still fans of the stories, rest assured, I will be finishing off the series. I can’t tell you if it will take another four book saga to do it or if it can be done with a final novel, but it will be done.

Thanks for listening and stayed tuned for more information.


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Contest Time!

Contest Time!

I need followers on BookBub. 

The best carrot I can think of to dangle would be an autographed copy of Sinful! Usually I limit these contests to CONUS, but I’m feeling generous. This contest will be open worldwide!

I will have a third party pull a name from a hat and the winner will be contacted for their address.

Go to and follow me.

Thank you all and good luck!

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