Audible Updates

Nocturna 1: Begining of the End has been approved for retail sale through ACX. Click the image below for the link to Amazon.

For those of you who are willing to provide an honest review, email me at and I’ll provide a code for you.

Now, for other news. Eric Shelman is wrapping up N2 and we’ll be mashing the button to put it in ACX’s hands any time now. I am working on number 5, but the going is slow. As most of you know, I have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after the holidays but this year has been particular rough. I don’t know if it’s the weather or maybe Time has caught up, but the arthritis in my hands has been steadily worsening. I’m still trying though, it’s just slow going.

Max Zener wrapped up Bridger 2 recently and it should be approved through ACX any moment. As soon as he can get studio time again, he’ll be diving back into the world of Caldera and getting that series wrapped up for you.

I’ve been toying with the idea of possibly (key word there…possibly) diving back into the world of the Monster Squad and continuing with the characters in a new series called IMPACT. Yes, I did leave a teaser at the end of MS10 hinting at that, but after a million words spread over ten volumes, I needed a long needed break. I guess my question to you would be, should we attempt such a feat or let our imaginations loose and see what other worlds we can create? If you’ve read through Hunter or Caldera or Nocturna, then you know that there are TONS of ways we could possibly go that wouldn’t involve reentering that universe.
Anyway, I’m curious your thoughts.

That’s it for now.
Here’s wishing you much love, luck and bacon!


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A Little Update

I had no plan to have Nocturna made into an audible. One of my boys approached me and asked if I would consider allowing him to try his hand at narrating it and I thought, “Why not?”
Well, life being what it is, he wasn’t able to adequately create a recording space so the plan was set aside… until he came back and asked if I could recruit Eric A. Shelman to do it. Apparently, he was a big fan of Eric’s style.

I’d like to say that I had the chops (or clout) to seduce Eric into picking up the gauntlet, but that’s not the case. We’d been friends for some time now and when I approached him, he was like, “Sure. I can turn on my magic and make your story actually sound interesting.” 😉

How could I argue?

Anyway, we’re wrapping up things on our end and very soon we’ll be mashing the button and putting it into Audibles hands. For those of you who prefer to listen to your books, Nocturna 1: Beginning of the End should soon be available for your listening pleasure.

Don’t thank me. Thank Eric. It’s his magic that makes it sound interesting.

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ANOTHER Something a Little Different

ANOTHER Something a Little Different

I caught the bug.
Not COVID…the children’s book bug. I’m pretty sure that’s a real thing.
I can’t really help it, so don’t blame me. I blame the time of year. The Christmas season. The fact that we currently have thirteen grandchildren might play a small part, but nonetheless, I bounced another idea off of Jeff Kosh. He loved it. My missus (also my biggest, best and hottest critic) absolutely adored it! In fact, she said it gave her chillbumps.

I tried to ‘Dr Suess’ it up a bit and make it rhyme. So many children’s books rhyme and I thought, ‘Pfft, why not?!’
I have such a new respect for Dr Suess, AND, now I know why he invented his own words.

Yes, it’s another Christmas book and no, the paperback won’t be available this season. In fact, I doubt that Littlest Christmas Tree paperback will be available before the holidays either, BUT…the e-book should drop any time on Amazon. I know, it’s not the same, but it is what it is.

I will say that the style is different than Little Tree. Jeff did some pretty cool 3D graphics stuff and I think it came out pretty cool. Let me know what you think.
Hopefully, I’ve got this out of my system now. I hope.

The Littlest Star
Little Star has no idea why there is a new star in the sky that cold winter night.
Follow along as she goes to Earth to see what all of the excitement is about and discovers her very own destiny. Perfect for all ages.

And for those of you caught up on Nocturna, I broke the halfway point on N5. Just so you know.
I know, I was really hoping to have it finished in time for Christmas but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna make it.

And, as always, here’s wishing you much love, luck and bacon!
And the Merriest of Christmases and a Happy New Year!

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Something a Little Different

So I just mashed the button on a new project. And this one is a bit…different for me.

Here’s the back story, but in a nutshell. Have you ever had a dream and thought ‘Wow! That would make a grand story!’ or something along those lines? I do all the time. Except, I usually forget what it was before I can get up and pee. Don’t judge…I’m old.

Well, I had one of those dreams again, except…I remembered it. And I thought, that would make a really neat children’s book. Yes…children’s book. From a guy who brought you every form of horror, torture, murder and mayhem that I could think of, a children’s story crept into my dreams. And it took root. So to speak.

So, I bounced the story off Jeff and he actually liked it. Enough that he started playing with his software and sent me a couple of ideas he had. Before I knew it, we were up and running with it. I sent him the ‘script’ and he worked day and night and whipped this puppy out in a matter of days. His goal was to get it out BEFORE Christmas. I didn’t think it was possible, but…this is Jeffrey Kosh we’re talking about here. The man is a machine.

Anywho…fast forward a few days and…I just mashed the button on The Littlest Christmas Tree.

We wanted it available for print and Amazon – well, they’re just not as graphic friendly. So I tried Lulu and they are stupid simple to use. The only problem is, they require that I okay a physical proof before they’ll release it. We may not hit the Christmas season this year. But the digital version will be populating to Amazon soon and once it does, I’ll make sure the links are posted on Facebook, Gab, Wimkin and Parler.

Things always slow down writing wise around the holidays for me. There’s just too much going on and things to do in prep for the different events and longer nights and colder days and blah blah blah. So yes, writing took a back seat as it always does and I fell behind on N5. But this project was something that I wanted to try mainly because, I have forty some books out but nothing that my grandkids could really enjoy.
That’s now changed.

So, that’s it. My first children’s book is about to come alive. And, who knows? If it does well, Mr. Kosh and I may well have to team up and release more.

If I don’t get the chance to say it again before the holidays hit, I hope you and yours have the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years. Please, stay safe and remember to love.

Peace, Love and Bacon!



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October Releases

October Releases

Yes, you read that right. Releases, as in plural.
Bridger 2: Burned Bridges is slated to drop 10/13!
I’m really excited for this one even though I still question my ability to develop stories in this incredible genre. To be able to craft a universe where Bridger and his cohorts thwart evil is thrilling to me, even if it’s not up to par with those who normally swim in these waters.

Another project that I’ve been toiling on is slated to drop 10/27 and it’s starting to populate for preorder on Amazon as I type this.
Nocturna is an exciting new series that…well, it’s been a whirlwind getting this one ready! I started this a little over two months ago and have been hitting it hard and heavy on the daily. I finished Nocturna 4 in the wee hours this morning and sent it off for editing. So far, my primary beta reader really loves the series and is eagerly awaiting N5 to fall into her greedy hands!

I want to take a moment to brag here. (Yes, I’m tooting my own horn but only because others won’t toot it for me!) The editor attached this to the email when she returned the first in the series: “Heath, this new one is amazing. So creative….you OWN this genre. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into book 2.” I wish I could add that to the dust jacket.
I hope that I’m not setting myself up for failure by sharing that. Just because the beta (my missus…who reads everything I write and is my best critic) and the editor loved it, doesn’t mean it will be well received by the reading public. Time will tell.

For those who are going to ask, yes, the plan is to drop all four of the Nocturna stories on the same day. Paperbacks may take a while longer to get formatted since we originally slated all of this to drop around Thanksgiving and I asked that it be moved up. Who knows if we’ll all still be around after the November election anyway, right?

I originally hoped to keep it all a big secret and then just throw it out there and let the readers be shocked, but we all know I’m the world’s worst secret keeper. As soon as Jeffrey Kosh creates a cover for me, I have to share it. His covers are just too awesome to keep under wraps anyway!
The idea that I could keep an entire new series secret? Pfft! Like that could ever happen! So, why not spread the word and let readers know about it from the get-go!

While it would be nice to pull off a surprise like that, I get too excited. Each new release for me is like Christmas. I know that I have a small but faithful following of avid readers who really enjoy the yarns I spin, and trust me when I say, “I love each and every one of you!” Seriously, if it weren’t for you, I’d have no reason to keep writing. It seems that every time I get down because of a bad review or somebody’s negativity, one of you sends me an email or a Facebook message and totally revitalizes me for the next story. That kind of support is worth its weight in gold!
Of course, reviews help too…hint-hint!

Oh, and for those of you who allowed me to use your name and/or likeness in this new series…THANK YOU! The hardest part for me in creating a new universe is coming up with names for people that sound ‘real’. Too many times I’ve found myself trying to use names that sound like they fell out of a comic book.
So, in no particular order, thank you to:
Devra Sackman
Dillon Sapp
Jascha Zimmerman
Jeffrey Kosh (Grant Kosh)
Steven Feasey
Dr. Jeff Norman
Mitch Goodkin
Brandon Visek
Josh Forrest
Lauren Thompson
Debbie Dillis (still sounds like a stripper name to me…)
Cheri Thomas
Mary Ann Peden
Brian Hinnenkamp
Beans McGee
William Hartman
Thomas Aurand
If I missed anybody, I’m sorry, but I’m flying by the seat of my pants on this one.

I think that about wraps it up boys and girls. Please know how much I appreciate all of you and really hope that you’ll enjoy my October offerings.

Until next time, here’s wishing you much love, luck, happiness and bacon.
Lots and lots of smoky bacon.
And coffee.


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Bridger 2

Bridger 2

I’ve wrapped up the second edition of Bobby Bridger and his exploits.  It may still be a bit as it’s cleaned up and polished but hopefully soon, it will be available. I still question attempting to dive into the dark and murky waters of political thrillers and espionage, but it’s been such a fun project.

Bridger 2 promo

From the back blurb:

A deadly ghost returns after nearly twenty years to pick off old foes, one by one.

A voice from the past calls Bobby Bridger to warn him before the old team is brought back together to face the threat. After members were singled out for assassination, Bravo Team is pointed in the right direction and takes the fight to them.

Columbian cartels, Mexican Federales, militia members and even the CIA collide in the jungles of Mexico with Bravo Team stuck in the middle.

They all should have brought more guns.

Pro Tip: If you think you want vengeance for old wrongs, think twice before setting your sights on Bridger and his crew.

Yeah, it needs work, but ask anybody, the blurb is the hardest part to write. You have to describe the story without giving away anything. You have to TRY to entice with a hook in just a few short lines and…it ain’t easy.

I just hope that you, dear reader, enjoy the story.

On to other projects!

I actually broke ground on something new for me. It’s called Nocturna. I got a few pages into the story and decided I needed a little inspiration. I immediately reached out to Jeffrey Kosh and told him what the project was about and he whipped me up a cover that really inspired me to push through the tough spots. In fact, his work has planted the seeds and now I’m thinking seriously of making it a series.

Nocturna 1

I know, most authors like to sit on their covers and have a reveal party, but I’m not that good at keeping secrets. I loved his concept work and decided to run with it, so that means I HAVE to share!

Set in a near post apocalyptic future, man has faced numerous pandemics, two global civil wars and just when things seem to be at their worst, an asteroid strike that should have been an Extinction Level Event. But mankind does something that nobody expected…they pull together to recover. Things are just starting to look up when…well, let’s just say that there was a surprise hiding in that meteor.

This is still in the early stages but I hope to have it available by Halloween. Fingers crossed!

So, that catches everybody up. I hope you are doing your best during these strange and difficult times. Know that we indie writers are still out here wishing each of you much love, luck and bacon!


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As For Me and My House

I was ready to call it quits.
Not on writing, but on social media, the news, the MSM,…everything that is supposed to keep us connected. I was simply sick of the negativity and the doom and gloom and everybody bickering and back-biting and…I was done. I had reached a point where I seriously wished somebody would stop the planet and let me off.

The idea of finding my own island in the middle of nowhere and declaring myself a sovereign nation really started to appeal to me. But, like the failed autonomous zone in Seattle, there is this thing called ‘infrastructure’ that I wasn’t willing to do without. Little things like, power, water, shelter, internet…FOOD.
>sigh< the best laid plans of mice and men

I had reached what I thought was the end of my rope. I was ready to make a change and move on. I was going to take a more serious look at other social media platforms and adopt one. MeWe seemed promising. But all of my friends were still hanging out at (and griping about) Facebook.

After much soul searching, I made a decision. If I couldn’t change the world around me, I would change the world within.


I CHOOSE to be happy.

I may not be feeling Joy, but I can do my best to express it. I can choose to ignore the ignorant rants and the politicization of EVERY. DAMNED. THING. I can clean out as much negativity from my life as I could and then carry on. CHOOSING to be happy. I can learn from the old proverb, to ‘count my blessings’ and carry on. Rather then wrasslin’ the pig in the mud, I can pick myself up, clean myself off, ignore the ignorance and try to be the best me I can be.

Oh, and trust me, I’m sure that somewhere out there, somebody will find a way to be offended by my choice, declare me an unfit human for choosing joy or twist my words to mean the exact opposite.
For the record:
Like Jesse Ruben sings, “Nothing’s Gonna Bring Me Down”.

Will my decision bring about world peace? No.
Will it bring a little peace to my otherwise hectic world? Dur.
Would the world be a better place if everybody opted to follow suit? I think so.

So, be the best you that you can possibly be. Be courteous. Be nice. Refuse to invent drama. Don’t be pulled in by other people’s negativity. Don’t feel the need to correct every single person you encounter in the world. Let the Golden Rule be your first rule.

Change the world one person at a time. I’m starting with me.

God bless, and here’s wishing you much love, luck and bacon!



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C12 is LIVE!

It’s the end of an era. Caldera is finally laid to rest. After twelve stories, multiple enemies and countless attacks, the survivors of the rage virus can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

No spoilers here though. You’ll have to read for yourselves to see who lives and who becomes a snack for the infected.

As I stated before, Caldera 12 is the series finale. I’ll be moving on to other projects but I feel like I left myself the option to return to some of the characters again. Time will tell on that option.

Your wait is over. Enjoy!

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And the Award for Worst Blogger Goes To

Has it really been two full months since I’ve updated this thing?

Yeah, it has. Usually I try to pass the buck and say, “Well, nothing has really happened since we last spoke” and then try to invent ways to make myself sound semi-productive, but the truth is, stuff did happen.

Let’s start with the release of Caldera 5 Audible!

Caldera 5 Audible

And…the release of Caldera 6 Audible.

C6 Audible

So, there’s that. And yes, Max is cleaning off a spot to fit in C7 and the rest when his schedule allows.

You really think I would have been all over those, right? I mean, I always tell you that I’ll announce here and at Facebook but once again, I dropped the ball.

In other news…Caldera 12 has been finished and sent to editing. It’s bounced back and forth and has gone into the que with the publisher. I think we’re looking at a June release for that. Maybe we’ll get lucky and see it out around my birthday.


For those of you who have been following along, this ends the Caldera series. I left enough of the characters alive that I could maybe one day go back and address them again, but really, what more could be told after twelve stories?

I’ve broken ground on Bridger’s next escapade. Some of his partners in crime will be returning and a whole slew of new characters will be added to the fold for this story. Special thanks go out to Phil Sammons, DJ White, Lisa Vasquez, Matt Laughlin, Gregg Soares, David Mauk and my childhood friend Mario Gomez for allowing me to use their names for characters. They’re all bad asses in more way than one!

Once I wrap up Bridger 2, I want to move on to other projects that are rattling around in the old noodle and use Bridger 3 as a sort of reprieve for those times that stories go stale or I just need to step away. Believe it or not, that was how Caldera came into being. I had no desire to write any kind of zombie story but when I’d get burned out on the Monster Squad, I turned to another idea just to clear my mind. Before I knew it, Caldera was born and you see what it turned into.

So, enough prattling and apologizing. I won’t promise that I’ll do better but I will promise that I’ll TRY to be better at keeping this place kept up with all of the latest and greatest news and ideas.

Until then, here’s wishing you much love, luck and bacon!



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Jeep Edition

As you can tell by the title, I’m wasting time. I should be penning the end of Caldera 12, but sometimes you just can’t force yourself to do what needs doing. You sit at the computer and the next thing you know, you’re surfing cat videos on the web.

Most of you know, I’m a car guy. Especially Jeeps. And Broncos. And Mustangs. And classics and muscle cars and big trucks and… yeah. It’s an addiction.

Anywho, I’ve been adding stuff to my wife’s newest Jeep. She named it Fred. Considering we almost named one of our twin girls Fred, know that my wife has a real affection for that name. So, I’m surfing eBay and Jeep 4X4 catalogs and ordering stuff I shouldn’t be and trying to slip it onto Fred when she’s not looking. Well, while I was doing this, my daughter (the almost Fred) asks if I’d fix up hers a bit. She has a JK Wrangler and it’s vanilla plain. She wanted a cool script on the side of the hood like ‘Mudslut’ or ‘Boobiebouncer’. I had just put a hood decal on Fred so I could see the appeal. While I applauded her taste in decals, I also thought that perhaps she should go with something a bit more ‘factory’. It was then that I realized, Jeep has a metric shit ton of ‘editions’ out there!

You should keep in mind that Jeep has been around since 1941 in one form or another. We’ve had a whole series of CJ models (Civilian Jeep). Then AMC was bought by Chrysler and it was announced that the CJ would no longer be made and my heart dropped. Luckily, Chrysler wasn’t stupid. They rebadged the vehicle, made a lot of improvements and released the YJ Wrangler. Purists hated it. Why? Because it had square headlights. Forget that it had a much more civil ride, plenty of power, a wider track to reduce accidental rollovers and that it handled much better than the old CJ. No, it had to be hated because the headlights weren’t ROUND.

However, this was when their marketing department cooked up a plan to sell even more units. Up until this time, you could get your CJ in the base model, the Renegade which was kind of a middle of the road package and the upper crust was the Laredo. A select few would be fortunate enough to find the Golden Eagle and even fewer would locate and own the Silver Eagle. These were all trim levels, if you will. But once the YJ hit the streets…all bets were off. Jeep released ‘editions’. Islander, Rio Grande, Mountain. The list was growing. And people were buying.

We move from the much hated (but much improved) YJ to the TJ. A short, stubby little jeep that seemed to mix the best of both the CJ lineup and the YJ. With improved ride and handling came creature comforts. A real dashboard. Airbags. A host of comfort and safety items. And sales skyrocketed. With those sales came even more ‘editions’, many of which carried over to the new JK lineup.

The JK was a mixed bag to some. To purists, this thing was HUGE. And now it offered four doors! To somebody who had never really been into Jeeps before, this thing was TINY. Regardless, with an even wider track and even more safety items (and a couple of more doors), the Wrangler became the yuppie/hipster/soccer moms choice for all weather driving the world over. At least they kept the headlights round, right guys?

With the new JK came even MORE editions. Jeep may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but they know how to market. We were now finding a resurgence of old names like the Islander and the Sahara and the Renegade, but we were seeing so many new ones that sometimes you couldn’t be certain if it was a factory ‘edition’ or not.

Seriously, we soon saw the (I kid you not) DRAGON edition. This ugly monstrosity…er, I mean, this tattooed beauty had a literal dragon etched across the ENTIRE THING.


Then we saw the Mountain edition. And the Rocky Mountain. And the Smoky Mountain.


We saw a MOAB edition.


A Freedom edition.


The return of the Rio Grande.


The return of the Islander.
Okay, I’ll admit, I have a soft spot for the Islander. Hehehe. Tiki Bob. 🙂


Then we have the TACTICAL Jeep. The ‘Modern Warfare 3’ Black Ops edition.


Then there were Arctic and Polar editions.



Let’s not forget The Recon edition.


And the return of the Golden Eagle.

gold eagle

We’ve even seen the return of the Willys. The Jeep that started it all.


But here’s the thing. For every factory made ‘edition’ out there? There’s at least three others that Jeep owners have made themselves. Everything from Stormtrooper Edition to Beach Bum. From Redneck Edition (they have no teeth but damn are they scrappy!) to Hillbilly edition (they’re engaged to their cousin). There are Jurassic Park editions and tributes to pets. Some are funny and some make you scratch your head and wonder what the owner was smoking.

There are people who do nothing more than create custom accessories for you to personalize your Jeep. Being probably the MOST customized vehicle out there, you’ll see variations of a theme that you never would have guessed. And as difficult as it is to try to describe here, it truly is easier to say, “It’s a JEEP thing. You wouldn’t understand.”

Oh. And what did I put on Gigi’s Jeep?


Simple. Tasteful. Nothing too ‘out there’.
She wouldn’t let me put ‘Boobiebouncer’ on there. 😦


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