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When More is Too Much

Very rarely do I encounter an occasion where ‘more’ of something actually ends up being TOO MUCH. With chocolate, this has happened a small number of times. Too dark, too strong, too sweet, etc. Sometimes, although rarely, I’ve encountered it with coffees. Again, too dark, too strong, too sweet…

How about high definition television?

I never would have thought that I’d yearn for the day of plain old 1080p television. However, recently, our ‘plain Jane’ hi-def TV crapped itself. It would take a while to repair and since it is basketball playoffs, we had to have a replacement PDQ. Superdad steps up and goes TV shopping.

Now, let me say from the get-go, I’m not a bigger-is-better kind of guy. I want a quality picture, not necessarily more of it. When we got our first hi-def TV, my missus kept trying to push me towards the larger screens, but the Sony Bravia stood out from across the store. The clarity, the brilliance, the vibrancy of the picture just called out to me. I got one of the first 46″ Bravias to be released. My wife begged me to go bigger, but no. I knew what I wanted. In fact, for months afterward she would make comments about how there were bigger ones out there…didn’t I regret getting the one I chose? Nope. I loved it. Every moment we spent huddled around its glow was bliss to me.

But eventually, even high quality dies. Our Bravia met its match one pixel at a time as the picture slowly went black. At that point, nearly every new TV had similar pictures. We bumped up to a 50″ Vizio and two years later…it, too, gave up the ghost. When it did, I was left scratching my head. 3D capable? Super Ultra 4K hi-def?

For those of you not familiar with Ultra 4K, here’s a little example:


And if that doesn’t help, try this one:

4k ultra 1

A sale made up my mind for me. There was a first time mark-down on the Ultra 4K Smart and I took it…but should I have? The first thing I noticed was the picture. At first, I thought it was just me. Every scene looked…well, for the lack of a better word, LIVE. If you ever watched soap operas, you know what I mean. The sets look like sets. The people look like they are in the next room transmitting their actions to your box. That movie feel is missing.

Even old movies that were once loved and treasured now look like they were remade live. Their epic backdrop murals look like…well, murals. You can see the mismatched makeup jobs, the acne, the grey hairs…everything that once blurred into the background now screams to the forefront and begs your attention. Suddenly, CGI looks crappy. The backgrounds are now crystal clear rather than slightly blurred. The actors are so in-your-face that you wish they’d all step back a bit. That magic that once made movies so awesome on the silver screen has been enhanced to the point that you can tell. Does this mean that Hollywood will step up their game and improve their end or will I simply have to adjust to my new reality? I suppose only time will tell. I can say that it does take some getting used to.

I will also say that during the playoff games, I halfway expected to get sprayed with the player’s sweat when he shook his head. That was sort of cool. Too bad the same couldn’t be said of movie watching.


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