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No Movie…Yet

Okay, so I made a book trailer a while back.  All of my writer friends had trailers made and I was feeling left out. I contacted a couple of different services that make trailers I could afford but none could capture the vision I had. 

I tried contacting a few independent film makers. Holy smokes…you’d think I was asking for a feature film!  I tried calling the local university. Maybe a film or cinema student was  up to the challenge. No takers. 

Anywho, I got to watching some of the stuff on YouTube and the thought occurred to me,  why not make my own?  True,  I used clips from existing footage but I read through the fair use rules and it sounded like I was ok to run with my idea. I grabbed a karaoke version of the perfect song and used it as the background music. 

After I shared it on Facebook I realized that I had forgotten to say anything about the book series it was supposed to be advertising.  That led to numerous congratulatory messages for the upcoming movie…’Doh!

Anyway, here’s the finished trailer.  I know its nowhere near professional but I like it.  Feel free to share it and help me spread the word. 

Thanks yall! 

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