22 Nov

Okay, so it’s not Friday yet. But the day after Turkey Day it will be…and that’s the day slated as the release date for Caldera. After everyone has gotten through the hustle and bustle of the holiday and is ready to unwind a little, Caldera will be ready to help with the escapism.


To say that I’m a wee bit excited would be an understatement. I’ve been grouped with some really awesome zombie authors in the past, but I didn’t really write ‘zombie’ fiction. Even with my debut zombie story, we’re not talking the classic Romero, walking dead type of monsters. I wanted something far more frightening. A rage virus fueled human. With any possibility of a cure, could you pull the trigger?

Friday you can join Ranger Daniel Hatcher and a rag tag group of survivors as they attempt to escape a national park filled with cannibalistic monsters on one side and a military hell bent on containing the contagion on the other…

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