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It’s Live!

For those of you who follow my blog but haven’t connected on Facebook or Mewe, this is to let you know that Monster Squad 9: Awakenings went live in the wee hours this morning.


Image linked to Amazon.

Happy reading, and yes…I AM working on 10.



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Don’t ya just hate a tease? I know I do.

But sometimes you just got to give hints…especially when the illustrious Jeffrey Kosh nails the cover AGAIN!

Yeah, nobody likes a tease.
But it’s so much fun sometimes!


Coming soon to an e-reader near you!


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Monster Squad Update

I bet you thought I had totally abandoned the series, didn’t you? I mean, I did run away and pen the Hunter trilogy and readdress Caldera and I’m almost finished penning my first attempt at a political thriller with Flags of the Forgotten. I’ve also been working on some side projects that I wish I could share, but this isn’t the format for that.

But I DID go back and look at what I had started for MS9. I really didn’t like what I read and it wasn’t following my vision for the story.

Recruitment poster

Unfortunately, where I see things going involved almost a complete re-write. But rather than getting angry, I look at what happened with MS5. I inadvertently deleted nearly 40K words (almost half the book) and couldn’t recover it. The resultant rewrite was much better and fit the narrative better. So it really wasn’t a loss. I have to force myself to look at this rewrite the same way. In the end, it will fit better and the end story will be much more complete.

So, for those few of you who are still fans of the stories, rest assured, I will be finishing off the series. I can’t tell you if it will take another four book saga to do it or if it can be done with a final novel, but it will be done.

Thanks for listening and stayed tuned for more information.


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