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20 Jun

Just a quick announcement to let folks know that the first of the Monster Squad series, Return of the Phoenix, is now FREE in all electronic markets.

I made the adjustment the other day through Smashwords and waited for it to populate through to iBooks and Kobo and whatever other major channels they feed before I approached Amazon to ask that they price match it. Apparently somebody beat me to it. Someone requested it, Amazon did it and on the 19th over 500 copies were given away. I nearly fell over when I read that.

No fanfare, no announcement, no warning…no telling anybody. Somehow, word spread and electronic copies flew off the virtual shelves.


And, as always, I have a standing offer at my Facebook author page for anybody who leaves a review…good, bad or indifferent, as long as it’s honest. Contact me with an address and I’ll send them their choice of a Monster Squad bumper sticker or wrist band!

Bumper Sticker

wrist bands

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