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Spotlight on: Eric Shelman!

So, that group of writers that I’m with?  Yeah.  Well somebody left the door open and these strays wandered in. Lucky for us, they’re writers.  That means we have to lock up the beer, hide the good snacks and lock out the PPV on the remote.  But hey, other than that, they’re a great addition.


Of the additional members, one is none other than Eric Shelman.  Eric Shelman was born in 1960 in Fort Worth, Texas.  In his early teens, his widowed mother remarried a man named Ed Middleton, and his new dad moved the family to southern California.  Eric used to write short stories that featured all of his friends as characters, but because Eric was a longhair living in Laguna Beach, California in the 1970s, you can bet they usually involved drugs of some kind (this is from him, not me, so I don’t want to get any anti-hippie hate mail!).

Fast forward … to the mid-nineties.  Eric started writing some short stories, and finally had one published.  After that, he felt it was time to write a book.  He initially intended to write supernatural fiction, along the lines of Stephen King and Dean Koontz, as well as many others. But when he discovered the story of a little, abused girl who was rescued by the ASPCA in 1874, he got sidetracked and wrote the very first book on her case, Out of the Darkness: The Story of Mary Ellen Wilson. It came out in 1999, and since that time, thousands have read it, and it is one of his biggest selling books ever. It’s also been optioned for a Major Motion Picture.

From there he wrote a thriller called A Reason to Kill and shelved it.  Eric began work on a witch novel that involved past lives, but he became so confused while writing the book that he put it down at 53,000 words and didn’t write again for eleven years.

Wow.  That was dumb.

Eric Breaking Bad

Since 2011, Eric has written and released NINE full-length novels, including SEVEN volumes of his Dead Hunger zombie series.  So … time travel, zombies, witches and serial killers.  Something for everyone … everyone twisted, that is.

Eric A. Shelman lives in Southern Florida with his wife of 27 years, Linda.

Life is good.

Don’t forget that his newest release, Dead Hunger VII: The Reign of Isis should be available as a paperback on Monday!

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