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MS7 Obsessions on Audio

ACX just informed me that Monster Squad 7: Obsessions is now available on Amazon and ACX! Feel free to help spread the word!


Obsessions - Audible.jpg

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This is HUGE For Me

Pardon me if I make little sense in this post, but I’m pretty stoked right about now.

Paul Stokes just posted a review of Whispers at AudioBookReviewer and it is a WIN!


To say that I’m a bit giddy right now would be an understatement.

It’s hard enough to write a story that people might like to read, but to find the right narrator to bring that story to life? I think I hit a home run when I stumbled upon Aaron Shook. Judging by the reviews, those who opted to try it truly enjoyed the story. But to read the review posted by Audio Book Reviewer? Wow…just…wow.

“Excellently written and vividly described in great details.  Although the rape scenes were not vividly described, there is no doubt how vicious they were.”

“A long listen but one filled with twists and turns, action packed excitement and realistic characters. At one time in my life I was a paranormal researcher.  Stallcup did an excellent job of researching thus making the haunting more real.

Stallcup is an author that knows how to tell a story!”

“A well deserved 5 Star rating.”

“Aaron Shook did an excellent job of narrating.”

Yeah…somebody scrape me off the ceiling!


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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Okay, I know it’s a stupid title to announce the first of the Monster Squad books to be produced as an audiobook, but at the time, I thought it was cute.

I waited to announce the audible release of Return of the Phoenix because of my commitment to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2014.  My date for SZBT was the 17th and I didn’t want to overshadow the author being highlighted.  If you didn’t get a chance to check out that interview, scroll down and give it a read.  Julianne Snow was the guest of honor and she’s a truly awesome little gal.  See?  Already I digress…I came here to announce the audio release and almost got sidetracked by her awesomeness!

Here’s the spiel.  Falcon Sound Studio’s Jack Voorhies threw himself into this production and it shows.  Talking with Jack, he’s told me how he got excited doing this project.  He really thinks that the premise has potential (and coming from him, that means something).  But first we have to get the word out about Phoenix, drive the interest up and get some reviews.

Keep an eye out for contests in the near future for free downloads of Phoenix and if you happen to run an audiobook review blog or website, feel free to contact me.

In the meantime, if you just can’t wait…here’s the link:


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The Meaning of a Handshake

I’m old school.
Big surprise to a lot of you, eh?  No, what I mean is, to me, a handshake has more power, more meaning than a written contract.  If someone tells you that they’re going to do something, their word is their bond.  If you shake hands on it, it’s a done deal.  It’s as good as gold.  You might as well take that to the bank, because it was DONE.
Well, there are a LOT of people out there…nay, not just people, but entire businesses, institutions, that don’t understand what that simple concept means.
What am I talking about?  Take for instance, your credit card. Regardless of whether it was a pre-approved offer sent in the mail, an offer found online or even one that your bank or credit union offered you, they give you the terms and conditions and you agree to it.  You SIGN your NAME and you enter into a contract with them.
Fast forward six months…or even a year.  You receive a notice in the mail.  “We have changed our terms and conditions…blah blah blah.”  Ummm.  No.
You see, you entered into a legally binding contract and…
Oh, no, sir.  If you’ll look at the fine print, it states that we reserve the right to…
Really?  Seriously?  Fine print?  You can change a CONTRACT midstream?
Yes, and if you don’t like it, don’t deal with us.
Well, that’s sort of what ACX is trying to do with writers and narrators.  As of March 12, 2014, ACX is changing the terms and conditions of the way they deal with WE the People who actually CREATE the stories being sold on their site.  Before, they took a full half and left the other half for us to figure out if we could hire a narrator ourselves and keep our profit or find a narrator of a good enough quality and that was willing to split our half with us.  In essence, if we were an aspiring young writer (or old writer, as the case may be), we could either pony up thousands of dollars to get it produced and then keep all of our half…or split it and hope that both the writer and narrator made money.
Now, ACX has decided that they are entitled to a full 60% of the monies.  They didn’t write the stories.  They didn’t narrate them.  They didn’t produce them.  They don’t even PROMOTE them for us.  But for some reason, they get damn near two thirds of the money?  Where the fuck does this get from?  Pardon my language, but…for reals??
Now, ACX has their ‘reasons’, and they’re all BS.  They may as well have just written, “We are feeling really greedy and since we have the market cornered, screw you guys.”  Because, trust me…that IS exactly how everybody affected by this has taken it.  ACX has forgotten what a ‘handshake’ means.  They’ve forgotten what it means to stay true to your word.  They’ve forgotten that it is all of ‘we the people’…the little guys and gals who actually CREATE the stories and market the stories and the narrators who produce the awesome sounding audio files that you the consumer actually listen to…they’ve forgotten that it is US who are the crafters.  We’re the artisans.  We are the faces behind the craft.  They’re the Wal-Mart to our product.  Except, they don’t offer the advertising. Or the ‘everyday low prices’.  They just offer…a place.  For us to go to…to get screwed!
So there you have it.  My rant.  For whatever it’s worth.
And the really truly SAD part about the whole thing?  They KNOW they have us over a barrel.  If we want our books made into audio, we’re going to have to continue to go to them and get raped.  At least, until someone comes along to compete against them.
Where is our audio K-Mart?  The Audible Target?  The Amazon against Amazon?
I guarantee you…if eBay decided to get into producing audio books, Amazon would straighten their sh!t up in a hurry!

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