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SZBT 2014: Julianne Snow

SWEET!  Today we have Julianne Snow in our studio (really, it’s my dining room, but hey…struggling writer and all that). Read on for some truly cool stuff!

Summer of Zombie 2014 SPOTLIGHT ON:

Julianne Snow

Julianne Snow

Okay, we all want to know… what is your latest zombie release?
Glimpses of the Undead

Glimpses_FrontCover copy

Ooh,…love that cover!

Give us a quick description of it. But, no spoilers please. People get upset if you give too much away…
Glimpses of the Undead is a short story collection that takes on zombies in different forms of short fiction. While comprised mostly of horror stories featuring zombies, there is one that takes the genre in a different direction. A direction where zombies are living among us and companies have capitalized on that. The idea itself has struck a chord and will be developed into a full-length novel at some point.

That’s a different spin.  I think it sounds pretty cool.

Tell us something unique about it.
There’s a little humour, some sex, and a vampire thrown in among the horror for good measure…

My interest is definitely piqued. 

How about some links for people to purchase it.
Amazon: US, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, India, Australia
Amazon US Print

Barnes & Noble
iBooks (Apple)

Let’s share your promo links with folks so they can find you a little easier.
Twitter: @CdnZmbiRytr
Facebook: Julianne Snow
FB Fan Page: Julianne Snow, Author
Amazon Author Page: Julianne Snow
Goodreads: Julianne Snow
Google+: Julianne Snow
Blogs: Days with the Undead, The FlipSide of Julianne & Zombieholics Anonymous

Let’s share a short Bio with the readers so they can get a feel for you.
Julianne Snow is the author of the Days with the Undead series and Glimpses of the Undead. She is the founder of Zombieholics Anonymous and the Publicist at Sirens Call Publications. Writing in the realms of speculative fiction, Julianne has roots that go deep into horror and is a member of the Horror Writers Association. With pieces of short fiction in various publications, Julianne always has a few surprises up her sleeves. Be sure to check out The Carnival 13, a collaborative round-robin novella for charity which she contributed to and helped to spearhead which was released in October 2013.

Awesome.  Thank you Julianne for stopping in and telling us about Glimpses of the Undead.  Sounds like a great read and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it!
Okay, everybody rush out and get your copy today and help support your favorite zombie authors.  Don’t forget to support those who feed your habit and as always, leave a review!  It’s more important than you’ll ever know.

And now, a few words from our unpaid sponsors…

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SZBT 2014!

If you are a zombie fan, then you KNOW what time it is.  The month of May may be Zombie Awareness month, but this JUNE it’s ‘Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2014′!

Every day in the month of June, one author is chosen to be highlighted and we learn a little something about him or her.  What makes them tick, what to look forward to in the near future, what got them where they are now, who they look up to in the field or maybe how they got twisted the way they are.  Hopefully it’s something new that you the readers didn’t already know. If you’re a die hard fan, then odds are, you already know the whole back story on all these wonderfully gifted writers.  If not, then you have a lot to look forward to.

Next week is my turn.  I don’t know yet who I’ll be hosting on my blog, but I sincerely hope to bring you something new and exciting.  Armand Rosamilia is hosting the SZBT this year and between the radio shows, the Authors Supporting Our Troops 2014, writing, blogging and saving nuns from burning buses…I honestly don’t know where this guy finds the time to DO what he does?! Secretly, I think he has cloned himself, but don’t tell anybody.  I don’t want to start any unfounded rumors…

Check back next week for the author interview HERE!  Check in with Facebook at the event, “Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2014” to find interviews, guest posts, teasers, prizes, cool swag and so much more! 

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