A Heartfelt Thank You and Another Sneak Peek

23 Apr

I hadn’t realized how many people were now following my blog but it seems that every day I get notified of another follower. That’s awesome. I just wish I had more interesting stuff to blog about. I almost feel like I’m selling you guys short.

Either way, THANK YOU!

And, as promised, anytime there is something new, cool or soon to come, I announce it here first. Like the cover for Caldera 6.

Wait…what?! Caldera 6?! But…where is 5? Yeah, I know. Sometimes I like to put the cart before the horse and since I am the world’s WORST secret keeper, I’ll never be able to have a ‘cover reveal party’ like so many others do online.


As soon as Jeffrey Kosh creates something that tickles my fancy, I tell EVERYBODY! And boy, did he do some fancy tickling this time around!

I really wish I had the patience to wait and have a big reveal party but we all know that’s not me. Hmmm. I guess it’s safe to say that if he made me a cover for #6 that there WILL be one. I better get to writing! 🙂

Check it out!

Caldera 6

Oh yeah. I’m digging it.

I sure hope the story I come up with is as good as the cover!

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