No News Is Good News?

07 Apr

I hadn’t really posted much here lately because…well, there wasn’t really much new to post.  MS5 is slowly developing.  I wish I could simply say that I was being thorough.  Methodical.  Anal.  But honestly, I’ve been struggling with time management, story development and a writer’s worst nightmare…self confidence.

Add to that, I’ve been running back and forth seeing different specialists for my heart and not really getting answers, only more questions.  I find myself not getting done what I’d like to have done and the frustration level has hit a new high.  For those who aren’t privy to the whole ‘heart’ thing, we thought I had a heart attack a few months ago.  A quick trip to the ER and their tests indicated that it wasn’t a heart attack.  They couldn’t tell me what it was, but they urged me to get a stress test. I figured, if it wasn’t a heart attack, why bother?  Yeah.  Not so smart.  Anyway, a nurse friend explained what the stress test was for and two chemical mountain climbing trips later, there is restricted flow to the lower part of my heart.  They want to try to treat it with medication first before they go looking around inside. Yay for them. I’m not keen on the idea of having anybody poke and prod my innards.  Especially around my ticker.

So what does that have to do with writing?  Nothing.  But it’s just one more thing on my plate and on my mind and it’s something that takes away from my putting my full attention to anything.  It seems that between ballgames, doctor visits, being a taxi driver for mini-me’s and trying to find time to write…it all takes it’s toll.

I can say that I got some really cool feedback on the t-shirt design.  I’ve even contacted a couple of different places that print shirts to try to get quotes.  I hadn’t realized all of the different ways to make a custom t-shirt until I started this search.

Anywho, I just wanted to touch base with everybody since it had been a while.  I AM still kicking.  Nothing has really changed other than the schedule for future releases, but since that is so fluid and up in the air, I’ll save it for later when I know something more solid.

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